Introducing Kirsty…

‘When someone is in darkness viewing the world from their pain, our job is to use love and little particles of light to make the world feel a safer place to be.’

Kirsty is a Spiritual Medium, Mentor & Intuitive Guide as well as a Reiki Master. She delivers evidential mediumship for groups and individuals in churches worldwide, both in-person and online and also offers private sittings.

Kirsty is also the founder and president of two Spiritual Missions that have been recently combined online which uphold traditional values with a modern approach to Spiritualism.

As a mentor within her development circle ‘The Circle of Spiritual Transformation’ the core focus is developing the self with the ethic that those who possess a strong healthy mind and deep connection with their own spirit, will create the space for more depth within their mediumistic abilities.

She delivers workshops harnessing the lunar energy and works either one-to-one or within a group setting.

A passionate activist and fundraiser remodelling your energy through the empowerment of love by using her voice for awareness and her abilities within service to create a change with a view to inspiring the minds of humanity.

We are all living a human life. We travel through our lives at different rates, experiencing many traumas, hardships, circumstances, happy moments and whatever decides to come our way but we always share one common denominator amongst us – at our core we are all LOVE.

All I ask of anyone is to come with an open mind & an open heart


My ethic is always to work with truth, love and integrity so that clients leave feeling a little more uplifted than when they first arrived.


Whether you prefer Private Sittings or Email Reading using Tarot & Angel Cards, Kirsty has you covered.

Mentoring & Guidance

Encouraging those who are serious about putting in commitment to their own progress & development


All Events, whether corporate or private, Charities or Fundraisers, please contact Kirsty directly.


Whether it’s Team building or something a little different with a metaphysical theme for your workplace or any other group setting.


Whether you choose Reiki, Crystals, Sound therapy or other sensory elements, it’s all aimed at deep healing & bespoke to you.

Spiritual Mission

Weekly guest mediums take the service, connect to all that is Spirit, delivering evidential mediumship & inspiration.

a compassionate space to Get the support you need.

Using the modalities of Mediumship, Mentorship, Astrology, Crystals and of course, Kirsty’s best friend, the Moon and her cycles, we unlock the path to healing, enhancing your life journey and learning about the incredible being that you truly are.


“Kirsty, well what can I say?

She is awesome, extremely accurate, loving, and the most empathetic person you could meet.

She is an excellent mentor! (& funny as hell).”

– Lynsey Hamilton


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