Mentoring & Guidance

Kirsty provides a confidential and safe space for those who may feel stuck in their Spiritual journey or are complete beginners. Every session is tailored to the client.

Mentorship is an investment in you.

Mentorship – Over 3 levels

Hidden Treasure Mentorship comes in blocks of 6 x 2-hour sessions discovering the real you:

Block 1 – Diggin’

Cost – £250
6 x 2-hour sessions to grapple with the waves transforming into ripples.

Block 2 – Oyster

Cost – £300
6 x 2-hour sessions
Present day, present life, present the world you want.

Block 3 – Pearl

Cost – £350
6 x 2-hour sessions to discover your journey into adventure

Maintenance’s sessions – Timeless
1 hour sessions for check in and updates with real talk and encouragement.

The Blocks In More Detail

Block 1 – Diggin’

The focus is solely on self as I support you to embrace your shadow to address any areas which are blocking your progression or need to be brought to the light to clear.
By going deep within using meditation, mindfulness, sound and other modalities increasing your Spiritual wellness every step of the way.
You will discover the tools you need to carry you forward and connect you to the whole self in a way you never thought possible.

These sessions are adapted and person-led with the loving but firm nudge needed to move on.

Diggin’ deep to remove the clutter of yesterday while gathering useful tools to journey into the life of the Oyster.

Block 2 – Oyster

Prepped and ready to discover your heart’s desires and navigate the pathways to achievement. Discover a newfound sense of who you are today by understanding how you got here. In this section, we transform the past energies into the light to guide you on the way forward.
We will explore all forms of the ego state to increase self-awareness to come face-to-face with any lingering ‘icks’

More releasing and strengthening of the inner you with a stronger focus on energy work and your sensitivity while building the discipline needed to carry you through the journey of Spiritual enlightenment and self-development.

Methods from Diggin’ will be used and built upon as observed by Kirsty as your mentor so that the intuitive within emerges with a newly formed sense of the present self.

Block 3 – Pearl

Emerge with enhanced awareness of your own value while confidently embracing the beauty within the gem that you are and those abilities you choose to practice your connections with.

In this part of the journey, we focus on your unique capabilities and how you show up in the world. With greater clarity, determination and confidence together we can strengthen your own modalities or remain open to trying new ways of connecting to the Divine within and all that is Spirit.

This polished version will create ways for you to practice your new techniques or just with more confidence than ever before.

Receive valuable feedback as you prepare to adventure with your purpose in the world.


Only for those who have completed all three blocks of the mentorship.
Have you felt a blip or slip and are in need of further coaching sessions? Then spend an hour with Kirsty focusing on those areas you feel still harnessing the hidden treasure.

Mentorship with me has been designed with the view of todays reality and a no nonsense approach to encourage the need to look at self.

Sessions are weekly at a day and time convenient for us both.


Blocks from £250 GBP

Maintenance £50 GBP


Private Sittings using Tarot & Angel Cards

For connection with the Spirit Realm and guidance on life matters.

Blending mediumship and guidance from the tarot and Angel Oracle Cards


Private Sittings:

30 mins £40
45 – 60 mins £60

Optional via Zoom and in person where applicable.
Group bookings on request.


Workshops with Creatively Conscious.

Looking for Team Building or fancy something a little different with a metaphysical theme for your workplace/community hub or space?

These workshops have been specifically designed with your well-being and manifesting in mind using Astrology, Crystals and of course, Kirsty’s best friend, the Moon and her cycles to clear and enhance your journey towards learning how to manifest each step of the way with aspects of creativity.

Learn about the magical being you truly are and maybe a spell or two on the way while using Astrology to power up your life.

These workshops can also be catered for age-appropriate content, and all are delivered with sensory elements. 

Qualified in Social Services for Children & Young People and Counselling skills, with extensive experience with educational settings and community hubs, I can offer bespoke sessions for all age groups to encourage the navigation of healing and personal growth. Our Children ARE the future!


All Events; Corporate or Private, Charities and Fundraisers, please contact Kirsty.

Church Services please contact for booking – you can find details of Kirsty’s upcoming events by clicking the button below.

Have you ever used the expression,

“I wonder what they would think or say if they were here?”

Well now you can. At Kirsty’s events, you can sit back and relax as she uses her ability to connect you with your most precious connections in the Spirit World.

With Kirsty’s ability of mediumship and intuition, she provides the clarity and upliftment you need at this time through the demonstration of her craft.

Kirsty can provide bespoke packages on request for all types of events such as using interactive fun sessions focused on a psychic practice and combining this with her delivery of mediumship.

These events can include private readings during the show from Kirsty’s colleagues or for a private reading event only.

Whatever the venue, the capacity or the need, contact Kirsty today to design your package.

The Spiritual Mission

Founded in 2018 in person and thereafter as an online service.

There is a Zoom Spiritual Service every Thursday evening from 7pm. 

Each week a guest medium takes the service to connect to all that is Spirit to deliver evidential mediumship communication, spiritual inspiration, and channelled poetry. 

All goodwill donations are used as a way to fundraise for mental health charities and other causes needing some support. 

Healing will take place during each Divine Service.

For more information please visit the Port Glasgow & Linwood Spiritual Mission Online Services Facebook Page HERE.


Transmodal Reiki (Usui Reiki, Crystals, Sound, Sensory Elements (bespoke to you)

30 mins £30

1 hour – £50

Reiki Attunements 1,2 & 3 are available on request with a framed certificate on completion.

Please contact Kirsty to discuss.


“Absolutely phenomenal! Such a lovely knowledgeable woman. Had a great reading and experience. Would highly recommend.”

– Christina Anderson

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