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Being an intuitive medium my entire life, I had been known to always be that ‘weird’ or strange child, teenager and adult! Not only a medium but neurodivergent too.

Many times I had sheltered myself in hideout spaces as a child by trying to block out the energy of those around me… being unaware of what was really going on at the time.

Then at the age of 17, I chose to seek a professional medium, because it was at that age I developed a type of telekinesis which would happen whenever I was in a high emotional state.

I was told that my sensitivity was the cause of a flying cup! Crazy right?

Guess how I felt when my mother thought I was possessed and I was doused in Holy Water! I can laugh now thankfully!

Since that moment, I became aware of many of these happenings whenever my emotions were high but it is never something I felt was useful enough to develop.

I was always a natural helper in the world and instinctively wanted to improve the life of others with a great love of our animals. In fact, my mum had said she was afraid to leave me home alone at times as on her return I would have adopted another ‘free to a good home’ from the local newspaper or pet shop!

I identify as a spiritualist & my religion is love.

It was always natural to me to lay my hands over anyone who had hurt themselves in any way and do what I could to make them feel well again. I have always had an inner knowing that something was different about me; a sense of purpose but never truly understanding what that was. 

As an adult I had never visited a Spiritualist church until one time with a friend we went to a local centre and behind the Medium there I could see lots of shadows in the form of people. I mentioned this to the medium serving and was told they were all those in Spirit lined up to communicate to their loved ones in the audience.

From that moment I agreed with my friends to have a medium visit my house. I was told I should develop my ability before it takes over me, however, in that moment I was clueless as to how to do this!


My own search for development wasn’t as supportive as I may have hoped, however, I am grateful for the mentor that it brought into my life.

This was someone I will always respect and be grateful for, as they gave me assurance that my ability was that of a ‘natural medium’ and the confidence to continue on my path of service to spirit.

The journey I have taken has not been a smooth one, but one that I am eternally thankful for, as every day in some way, I can be true to myself being of service in the world with my connection to the love of the Spirit World.

I had experienced the loss of my own father to Spirit at the age of 10 and that experience was to shape my entire life, so I am completely aware of just how important it is to be able to provide in-depth and evidential communication to those seeking that connection in their readings.

Self development for me is of the upmost importance and should be continuous within us all.

I champion the need for self-care days, and encourage them for everyone.

I  am passionate about those who are serious about committing to their progress. Unfoldment should remain as organic as possible every step of the way. Within my mentorship programmes the focus is on you, the discipline of your own craft and that of personal responsibility. 

Each session is bespoke to your level of ability or awareness and sometimes that means being prepared to let go of all you think you know, too.

Such a lovely lady, she is full of love and energy and down to earth, a family member had a private reading from Kirsty, an excellent experience was had.”

– James Barnes


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